Parkdale Intercultural Association
"Celebrating our diversity, building our community since 1977"
  PIA is a multi-cultural, multi-service community-based agency that supports the full settlement of immigrants and refugees into Canadian society, and the development of a healthy, diverse community in the Parkdale district of Toronto. PIA is managed by a Board of Directors, at least half of whom are representatives of PIA service users.  
New Membership / Membership Renewal Form
We welcome everyone to become PIA members. However only members who are 18 and older may exercise voting rights.
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I wish to become a member of the non-profit community agency known as the Parkdale Intercultural Association.

I understand that as a member of PIA, I will actively support its mandate to provide intercultural, integration, settlement and educational services that promote cultural harmony and understanding within the Parkdale community.


Upon approval of your application for membership you will become a PIA member with voting rights. Would you be interested in volunteering time in another capacity? If so, please check an item or items below.

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The information you have provided in this application will be used soley for purpose of membership registration within the Parkdale Intercultural Association.
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